It’s alive!

The new is here, check it out! We have rebuilt it from the ground up with a greater focus on the brand image. There are several new components to the website and we would love your feedback, so please let us know what you think in the comments below.

“This is a great day for HI-CHEW™. When people want to learn more about a brand one of the first places they will check is the Internet. It is very important for us to make a good first impression, and we hope to have done that with this new website.”
– Toshiya Yasuda, President

Among the many updates is a refined user interaction experience. We’ve made the website more unique in its ability to engage with the user. Click on a package and the site transforms, or click a button and watch as the page adjusts to the new content. Even more amazing is that the website can be viewed on a number of devices with different screen sizes and technological abilities, and the site completely adjusts to deliver a powerful user experience.

“We wanted to make the website fun to play with and visit. The site isn’t just a place where people can learn about HI-CHEW™, it is a place where people can have fun. There will always be new contests, photo, videos and promotions happening on the site. We want people to come back often to find the most relevant and engaging content possible.”
– Clayton Perkins, Marketing Manager

We also wanted to put an emphasis on the many social channels where HI-CHEW™ plays with fans. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of those places. They are called out at the top of the page, and in future updates the content from those and other social channels will be integrated into the site.

At the top of the page we have also made special sections for fundraising and sponsorships. We wanted to make it easy for people to sign up and sell HI-CHEW™ for their club or organization, as well as give individuals the opportunity to become a part of the success of the brand. These are two important programs we will continue to support and grow over the next several months.

All-in-all the website is simply a starting point. More content and fun additions will be added over the next few weeks and months. Don’t forget to stop by every once in a while or you may miss a cool contest or promotion!