Morinaga America, Inc. Donates over $50,000 to High School Sports Programs

Morinaga America, Inc. Donates over $50,000 to High School Sports Programs

Posted on September 16, 2012

Expanding from the success of its high school sports sponsorship program from last year, Morinaga America, Inc. is now sponsoring over 260 football teams from across the United States. The program is now in its second year and hits over 10x the number of schools as it did last football season. In total over $50,000 worth of candy has been sent in the initial shipment, another shipment of the same amount will be sent in the near future.

“This program has been a huge success for Morinaga America and for HI-CHEW™,” said Clayton Perkins, Marketing Manager for Morinaga America, Inc. “We expected the program to grow, but were stunned by the turn out.”

To be a part of this grass-roots program all a team has to do is agree to two things…

  • First, to hang a pre-made HI-CHEW™ banner at the home field of the team and to leave it up all season.
  • Second, to sell the donated HI-CHEW™ at the home games in the team’s concession stand.

Once the team agrees the banner and 200 sticks of HI-CHEW™ are sent to the school. Then, the team is asked to hang the banner at the field, take a photo of it, and send the photo back to Morinaga America, Inc. Once the photo is received a second shipment of 200 sticks is sent to the school. That’s it.

“Some teams have reported selling out of all the HI-CHEW™ within the first two games of the season. It feels great to be in a position to help these local teams,” said Ante Zlomislic, who manages the program for Morinaga America, Inc. “Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is awesome, and HI-CHEW™ is the perfect brand for such a message.”

If you would like to participate in the program just send an email with your name, school and team’s info on our contact page.